Our new Bar Menu

Homemade Soup of the Day with Cob Loaf—$9.50

Garlic Focaccia—$5.50

Oven Baked Cob Loaf with Garlic or Herb Butter—$5.50

Shippies’ Seafood Chowder—$10.50

Basket of Chips with Gravy—$5.50

Chicken or Steak Sandwich—$10.50

Fresh Fish Goujons with Chips and Tartare Sauce—$10.50


Sausages and Mash with Gravy—$9.50

Chicken or Beef Schnitzel—$13.50

  • Sauces: Pepper, Mushroom, Parmigiana, Gravy

Lambs’ Brains with Mushroom Sauce—$12.50

Baked Fish of the Day—Market price

190g Porterhouse Steak—$16.00

Sauces: Pepper or Mushroom

Chicken Caesar Salad—$12.50

Garden Salad—$4.50

Bowl of Vegetables—$6.50


Cajun Chicken

Steak Surprise

Check the specials blackboards in the bar

Served with Chips and Salad or Vegetables

LUNCH: Monday—Saturday 12 noon—2pm

DINNER: Monday—Saturday 6pm—8:30pm

Shippies is famous for its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and we work hard to keep it that way.

There are just a few things we’d like you to bear in mind.

1. Responsible service of alcohol
While you’re here, we feel responsible for your well-being and safety, so in accordance with state laws we have the option of declining to serve alcohol if we think you’ve had enough. All our staff are trained in the responsible service of alcohol and to do it politely.

  • It’s now illegal for us to serve double measures of spirits — another regulation to ensure your health and safety

2. Smoking
Tasmania’s smoking regulations are very strict and there are significant penalties for you — and us — for any breaches.

Food is served throughout the hotel, so smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building, nor in the beer garden, which is also a food service area. You may smoke on the pavement in Trumpeter Street but not within 3 metres of any door; please use the wall-mounted ash receptacles. While outside, regulations don’t allow you to take any alcoholic beverage with you. You may also smoke in the car park, but again you may not take any alcohol out there with you.

Smoking is not permitted in guest rooms.

3. Dress
We don’t impose a dress code as such but we prefer neat casual attire — no bare feet or thongs because of the possibility of injury from broken glass or other accidents.

4. Conduct

  • Please try to avoid swearing — it may offend others and it isn’t a good look anyway.
  • We don’t allow dogs or other pets into the hotel.
  • If you’re dining with young children, for their own safety and the comfort of others, please don’t allow them to run about the hotel unsupervised.

That’s all. Enjoy your time at Shippies.

Adrienne Daly, Licensee

Shippies prides itself on its relaxed, free-and-easy atmosphere.

But we’d like to ask our patrons to refrain as much as possible from the use of strong language, which may disturb some of the sensitive fishermen who frequent our bar.

Fast talking

A guy runs into a bar and says to the bartender, “Give me twenty shots of your best Scotch, quick!” The bartender pours out the shots, and the guy drinks them as fast as he can.

The bartender says, “Wow. I never saw anybody drink that fast.”

The guy says, “Well, you’d drink that fast too if you had what I have.”

The bartender says “Oh my God! What is it? What do you have?”

The guy says, “Fifty cents.”

Six-pack tattoo

No comment.

Equipe Shippies

Inspired by Cadel Evans’ near-win in this year’s Tour de France, Shippies is thinking about getting one of these pedal-powered mobile bars and entering next year’s race. Any takers? And what a way to train…

Google’s Street View has come to Hobart, and guess who was visited?

Click here for the whole picture


Reporter David Wroe of The Age, reports from Berlin.

YOU CAN get it eating bratwurst. You can get it wearing lederhosen. But German beer lovers, it seems, didn’t quite get it at all.

What was this curious brew in a funny little bottle, overchilled and underdressed in a rudimentary green label, presuming to stand alongside the big boys from Germany and the Czech Republic at Berlin’s International Beer Festival?

“It’s too cold,” said a Bavarian bus driver, Hans Horst. “If it’s too cold it has no aroma. Beer should be 10 to 12 degrees Celsius, the same as sausage.”

The humble VB was one of the beers featured for the first time this weekend along the Berlin festival’s famous “beer mile”, on Karl Marx Avenue. Despite some misgivings, the world’s most discerning beer drinkers gave Victor Bravo a modest, if not effusive, thumbs up.

The bad news at the end of the first day, was that VB was being comprehensively outsold by New Zealand’s Steinlager at the international beer stalls.

The good news was, at least VB was outselling Castlemaine XXXX, which was struggling to get off the mark.

[From theage.com.au]

If you have had a rough day at the office, sometimes it’s nice to kick back at home and have yourself a cold brew. But what if you are stuck pulling an all-nighter at that very same office and can’t break away to get to your favorite adult beverage? We’ll, you could pretend to pound down a few with the iPhone app known as iBeer 2.0.

This clever little iPhone app takes advantage of the tilt sensor in the mobile phone and lets you perform amazing beer tricks like brewing, drinking, shaking, and what brew wouldn’t be complete without the belch.

Keeping track

The ultimate way of keeping track of your consumption of your favourite tipple.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of a fun filled evening of beer drinking, especially when it comes to the exact number you’ve had to drink.

Let there never be question again. The Beer Tracker never lies — each time a beer is cracked it is counted on the neat digital display.

Then, if you can find it in the morning, uncover the grand total of your exploits. Ideal for world record attempts. Happy drinking!