Welcome to Shippies

The Battery Point pub and bistro with something for everybody

Shippies prides itself on its relaxed, free-and-easy atmosphere.

But we’d like to ask our patrons to refrain as much as possible from the use of strong language, which may disturb some of the sensitive fishermen who frequent our bar.

Warm welcome

Hobart shivers

Image courtesy of Rose Bay High School

Image courtesy of Rose Bay High School

Meanwhile at Shippies:


We’re still here


Shippies dates back to 1846 and we don’t have many images of its early life. This one was taken about 1900, when the pub had an earthen floor strewn with sawdust and Battery Point was a boisterous, brawling village where the cops only went mob-handed.

The clientele was mainly fishermen and workers from the shipyards down the hill, now mostly gone. There were pubs on most corners in those days and today’s Shippies is a lusty survivor from more robust times.

The White House is a brewery


Barack Obama is the latest US president to brew his own beer — White House Honey Ale.

He pays for equipment and ingredients and it’s brewed by the White House chefs, with the president lending a hand when he gets a chance.

He’s been known to hand it out on campaigns — other world leaders, please take note.